Hungary - Home of Inventions

Hungary is not only famous for its touristic attractions. You might know that many of the greatest minds came up with world-famous inventions come from this country. You may be aware of that Rubik's cube is a game of Hungarian origin, but you probably do not know, that the ball-point pen, which is widely used everywhere on Earth, everyday is also an idea of a Hungarian person. Here is a short film introducing a few more inventions of them.

Budapest, Hungary

Our partner, Hungarian Tourism Ltd. has provided us with an awesome introduction of our beloved and beautiful country and capital. If you are not yet sure about coming to the World Cup 2016, read this, and there will be no question about that any longer.

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"During the last 39 years, ITF Taekwon-Do has reached a great popularity in Hungary. We hosted different local and international events on a very high level: competitions and seminars, training camps and demonstrations with the participation of many other countries. As the Founder and President of Hungarian Taekwon-do I was very eager to support the plan to host the ITF Taekwon-do World Cup 2016 in Budapest, Hungary."

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