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How can I apply for registration?

You can apply for a login at http://wcup2016.pztkd.lublin.pl/registration.php

What age divisions will be there on the World Cup? 

  • Pre Junior - 12-14 years old
  • Junior - 15-17 years old
  • Senior - 18-35 years old
  • Advanced senior - 36-45 years old

I am in X age category, can I participate in a team with my older teammates in the next age category?

No. You can only participate categories of the corresponding age group.

We are a mixed pair (female-male) in traditional sparring (pre-arranged free sparring). Can we participate? 

Sorry, but the answer is no. For more details please see http://itfworldcup2016.com/content/pre-arranged-free-sparring-rules

Can I apply for a login if I am associated with another international federation, but I still want to participate on your event?

Yes, you can participate on the event, but for that you need to get permission first from your country's associated federation. For list of associated federations please visit ITF's website at http://www.tkd-itf.org/about-us/our-members/national-associations/

What is the entry fee for the spectators?

There are 3 options to enter the Sports Hall as a spectator:

  1. Spectators will be registered as a supporter, they have to pay 30 € / person so they can enter to the Sports Hall during the competition days.
  2. Daily ticket will be available for 10 € / person / day as a spectator (this ticket will be available in the Sports Hall).
  3. Weekly ticket will be available for 40 € / person for all competition days (this ticket will be available in the Sports Hall).

If I am registered as a spectator, do I need to register through the official accommodation partner, or shall I pay the ID card fee?

For supporters it is not mandatory to get the accommodation through the Organizing Committee. They have to pay only for the ID card which costs 30 €. They MAY book their accomodation through Organizing Committee, if they want to be with their competitors and coaches together. Only coaches and competitors have to pay the penalty ID card fee (100€ / person) if they do not book their accomodation through Organizing Committe.

Do I need to bring both red and blue set of protectors for the competition for the sparring categories?

Yes. You might be both on red of blue side of the ring so you might need both. Please note that only official ITF sparring equipment is allowed on the competition. The approved equipments are listed on the following site: http://approved.tkd-itf.org/ext/approved-itf/

My team would arrive on 11th October after the registration / on 12th October. May I still register my team?

No. The registration will be closed on 11th Oct as per schedule by the ITF Tournament Committee, there is no way to arrive and register later than the scheduled registration time. 


If you still have questions related to the rules of the World Cup, please refer to the ITF World Cup Rules and Regulations at ITF's website.

If you may have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at info@itfworldcup2016.com.