Closing words

Dear Participants,

The 6th ITF Taekwon-do World Cup has come to its end, we hope everyone has returned home safely by now. We hope you left with positive memories and many of you could bring home medals.

It was a big task for the Organizing Committee to organize the biggest World Cup ever but we tried our best to solve all (okay, most of) the problems arisen. We were working with our heart and soul to make sure this competition goes well and that every participant leaves with a unique and lasting experience.

We would like to thank the ITF, our President GrandMaster Pablo Trajtenberg and the Board Members, the Tournament and Umpire Committee, every ITF and PTA staff and the work and help of the Umpires. We wish to emphasise how much the support and trust of GrandMaster Bos meant to us. We would like to thank Miss Helena Hanhikangas, Miss Malgorzata Rogaczewska and Mr. Philip Lear, without whom this monumental event could not have been successful.

The Organizing Committee would like to express its gratitude to the 100 Staff Members who worked night and day invisibly in the background and made this competition go smoothly.

Last but not least, we would like to thank every competitor, coach, supporter who came and with their presence made possible for the 6th ITF Taekwon-do World Cup to have the biggest number of competitors in the history of ITF. Congratulations to every winner, and for the rest: heads up, it is the participation that matters, you will succeed next time!

Thank you for all the positive feedback we received during and after the competition, as well as for every criticism from which we wish to learn.

We wish you all lots of rest and sleep, prepare for the competitions ahead of us and practice Taekwon-do eagerly.

Peter Szasz

Head of Organizing Committee