ATTENTION!!! Only two days left to close the online registration!

Please remember that the online registration will close on SUNDAY 2nd October 2016 at 23.59 GMT.

By this time you must enter all participants (competitors, coaches, VIPs, supporters) and add their photos.

PLEASE NOTE! After October 2nd, 2016 no changes are allowed and no updates shall be made.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Online Registration Team via e-mail:

We kindly ask you to visit the online system and check precisely:

- if all competitors are in the correct categories and divisions (please check individual and team categories)

- if all competitors have a black belt certificate number and ITF ID number (from the ITF online data base)

- if all participants have pictures - None of the ID cards will be issued without photo!

- if there is a proper scope of competitors in the teams.

1. Errors / warnings in the application: We kindly ask you to visit the online registration and check if there are any errors in your application. To do so, you must click on APPLICATION, and then if there are any errors or mistakes there appear in the section: ERRORS AND WARNINGS. In case of any errors we kindly ask you to clarify all of them by 2nd October 2016, Sunday. In attachment you will find instruction to the online registration with the most common mistakes that currently appear in the online registration and description how to clarify/ delete them. We kindly ask you to read the document carefully and to follow instructions. Due to the high number of competitors all mistakes and errors should be cleared before or on 2nd October. It will be no possible to make any adjustments during the registration or weigh-in in Budapest. Instructions in English Instructions in Spanish

2. Photos: We also would like to remind you that you must add the photos of the participants. Please note, that none of the ID cards will be issued without a picture of the participants.

3. Empty applications: Despite the fact that we have send over two fifty passwords, not all schools entered participants to the online system. Due to the fact that the ITF Tournament and Umpire Committee is currently working on the schedule of the competition, it is very important that you enter all participants in the system as soon as possible. a) If your school is attending the World Cup, but you did not enter any participants yet, please do it urgently. We kindly ask you not to leave the registration at the very last moment, because it may results in the mistakes in the application, which will not be changed after the deadline, as well as in the mistakes in the competition schedule and may affect all participants. Therefore we kindly ask you to complete the applications urgently. You will then have enough time to check the applications precisely. b) If your school is not going to attend the World Cup, please inform us about that fact. We will remove your application from the online registration.